equine massage
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Welcome to the realm of equine massage!

equine massage

Massage, one of the earliest forms of physical therapy, is known to have been used by many different cultures for over 3000 years. Massage can improve performance and blood circulation, prevent injuries, help the body heal itself and regain better range of motion.

Horses, from competing athletes to backyard friends can benefit from massage. Massage can be helpful for a lot of different conditions and symptoms.

Does your horse:

Have you answered yes to any of these questions? Your horse could definitely benefit from a massage!

Even for a perfectly sound horse, massage can help to relax, improve performance and prevent injuries. Every horse deserves to be happy and comfortable. You don't have to wait for your horse to develop a problem to support him with massage. Massage is a great way to build a good attitude, reward and help the horse give an optimum performance and pleasure to his owner. A horse with a healthy musculoskeletal system is a pleasure to ride and watch.

Even older horses can regain motion and become more fluid with regular massage.

Horses do often suffer in silence sending signals that we interpret as "being temperamental". How could a horse tell you he has a sore back or muscle pain?

equine massage