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Massage Information

equine massageI like to see the horse at least walk before the massage, trotting and cantering is even better. Massages lasts from an hour to two hours, depending on the horse, his condition and behavior. I always respect the horse and accompany him in a relaxing and confortable journey. Some areas may be painful (think of your tight shoulders after a stressful day!), and I listen, accompany and help relax those tensions and sometimes even emotions.

I require that the owner or a responsible person for the horse be present and acts in a very passive way during the process to allow the horse the freedom to communicate his feelings and states. The massage can be done in the barn or in the horse's stall. As long as it is in a location where the horse feels totally confortable and preferably at a quiet time. It is better to avoid meal times as the horse has it's mind on eating and may be frustrated or distracted by hunger.

I can answer all questions once the massage is over. I also like to see the horse walk and trot before and after the massage.

It is a very good idea to allow your horse a nice 24 hour break or more after the massage allowing him to relax further and better benefit from the treatment. Turnout is good to increase circulation and allow the horse freedom to move if he pleases.

Contact me if you have any question or to schedule a massage for your horse.